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AOQUN Tells You Which Tank To Place Filter Brushes

AOQUN Tells You Which Tank To Place Filter Brushes

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Mr. Chris from Japan has a pond of koi. He saw that many people are using filter brushes now. He wanted to know where the filter brushes are placed, so he found AOQUN.

The filter brushes generally only need to be placed in the first chamber of the filtration system. This is the area where the water flow in the whole system is the slowest. The first chamber is placed with filter brushes and serves as a sedimentation and preliminary biochemical function. After a long time, the garbage will settle in the first bin, and the garbage to the second will be greatly reduced. In addition, the gap between the filter brushes is reasonable, and the entire filter chamber is not easily blocked, and the entire filter system is blocked without the first pass of filtration. After filtering out the bulky debris, the other filter material in the filter chamber can be more finely filtered.

Mr. Chris is very grateful to AOQUN. He purchased 100 filter brushes as a test. After 1 month, Mr. Chris sent us an email saying that our filter brushes not only saved the cost, but also filtered better than the filter cotton. He recommended us to his friend of the filter business.

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AOQUN Tells You Which Tank To Place Filter Brushes
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