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AOQUN Used a Skill to Beat the Other Competitors of Escalator Parts Safety Brush

AOQUN Used a Skill to Beat the Other Competitors of Escalator Parts Safety Brush

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Mr. Wu of the elevator maintenance company in Hong Kong recently left us a message on our official website. He said: "my client complained that the escalator parts safety brush we replaced and installed at the beginning of last year had been seriously rusted by the end of last year. As I know, all the rusty parts are at the bottom of the brush. And there are obvious scratches on the bottom. I have a friend who told me that your escalator parts safety brush is in good quality and performance, so I want you to give me some advice.

Roger, the sales staff, got the feedback from Mr. Wu and helped him analyze the main causes of rust thoroughly. After analysis, it is concluded that the bottom of the brush used by Mr. Wu is made of galvanized board. Corrosion occurs when the surface is scratched and exposed to the outside environment. In consideration of this factor, we suggest that the customer choose our electrolytic board brush. The protective layer of the electrolytic board is stronger and more reliable than the galvanized board, so as to better protect the inner layer of the bottom of the wool brush from rust. Then we provided the sample to Mr. Wu, he looked at the sample and confirmed the order without saying anything.

In October this year, we asked Mr. Wu about his use, and he replied: "it is right to choose AOQUN escalator parts safety brush, and my customer have not complained about us anymore. I will be sure to call you again when I have other projects in the future.

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AOQUN Used a Skill to Beat the Other Competitors of Escalator Parts Safety Brush
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