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Different Filament of Coffee Brush for Grinder – AOQUN

Different Filament of Coffee Brush for Grinder – AOQUN

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Coffee brush for grinder, I believe that we see a lot in our daily life, it has always quietly contributed to our lives. But do you know that a small coffee brush for grinder has a big question about the choice of filament, let’s understand what the characteristics of the coffee brush for grinder of different materials are.

1. PA610 (PA66, PA6) are characterized by good abrasion resistance, high temperature and acid and alkali resistance, and their elasticity is relatively good. They are more suitable for coffee brush for grinder.
2. PA612 or PA1010 have the best resilience among nylon materials and have excellent impact resistance and aging resistance.
3. The characteristic of polypropylene (PP) is that it has acid and alkali resistance, but its elasticity is not very good, it is prone to deformation and difficult to recover after long-term work.

The characteristics of the above commonly used of different materials, I hope to help you, Aoqun, as a large-scale custom-made brush company, can customize a variety of coffee brush for grinder that meet your requirements, size and function , To provide you with a one-stop coffee brush for grinder solution.

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Different Filament of Coffee Brush for Grinder – AOQUN
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