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Escalator Brush Skirt with No Filament Loss - AOQUN

Escalator Brush Skirt with No Filament Loss - AOQUN

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Recently, I received an inquiry from Mike from Indonesia: “The escalator brush skirt purchased from the local supplier, lost filament during the installation, which will cause my entire escalator project to be suspended, resulting in delays in the project and serious economic losses. I knew you are a professional manufacturer of escalator brush skirt. I hope you can provide me escalator brush skirt with no filament loss."

We received Mike's inquiry for 1 minute and immediately contacted Mike to check and know about his specifications and situation. We also introduced the case of the same type of escalator brush skirt for our other customers, and we are also a partner of many world-renowned elevator brand customers. We will send samples of the same specifications as Mike's requirements for confirmation within the same day. After Mike test our sample, and confirm it without filament loose, Mike placed 200 escalator brush skirt for the first time.

After successfully replacing the escalator brush skirt and completing the escalator project, Mike directly called us:” Thank you for providing me with the good quality escalator brush skirt in time, so that I can immediately replace the defective products, avoiding more serious economic losses and delay fine, also the legal responsibility for progress! Finally, let my escalator project be completed within the specified time! I have to place another 200 escalator brush skirt for inventory, and I hope to become a long-term partner with you!”

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Escalator Brush Skirt with No Filament Loss - AOQUN
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