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General Instrument Cleaning Brushes, Clean And Worry-Free – AOQUN

General Instrument Cleaning Brushes, Clean And Worry-Free – AOQUN

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Con from the United Kingdom said that she was introduced by a friend to find the general instrument cleaning brushes company, she wants the brushes of different sizes and sets together, ask if we can provide. Con said that because she is selling a lot of general instrument cleaning brushes, it is very troublesome for customers with different size needs to find the right general instrument cleaning brushes one by one, which not only affects sales, but also loses competitive advantage.

AOQUN sales engineer Roger tells Con that we can make general instrument cleaning brushes of any size. AOQUN has a 17-year R&D team with experience in the brush industry, and has been focusing on the customized production of high-volume and high-quality brushes. Con thinks It doesn't matter how many medical instruments are wrapped together. Subsequently, Con sent us the size of the 8 general instrument cleaning brushes. After 2 days, AOQUN was successfully proofed according to Con's specifications, and 8 different sizes of general instrument cleaning brushes were packed with loop and sent to Con.

A month later, Con said that the eight general instrument cleaning brushes are really easy to use. The quality is better than the previously purchased brushes, and it is very convenient. It really solves the problem that the brushes are scattered and the customers are hard to find. And the market feedback is very good, received the favor of many customers, have said that they want to book the brushes! After 7 days, we received orders for 4000 for each size of Con.

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General Instrument Cleaning Brushes, Clean And Worry-Free – AOQUN
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