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Mass Custom Escalator Skirt Brushes, Contact AOQUN

Mass Custom Escalator Skirt Brushes, Contact AOQUN

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Mr. Goe from Beijing elevator factory came to us. They are the escalator manufacturer and need a lot of escalator skirt brushes. The previous cooperation with the escalator skirt brushes supplier was often unstable, which affected their production schedule and led to many customer complaints. Now they need to find a large escalator skirt brushes manufacturer about escalator skirt brush to cooperate in a long term.

After knowing the situation, our business manager Mr. Liu contacted Mr. Goe: we are the largest brush manufacturer in escalator skirt brushes in China, and we have 10 fully automatic brush production machines with a daily capacity of 60,000 meters, which can fully meet the requirements of supply time. We sent the samples according to Mr. Goe's drawings within 2 days and provided him with the first batch of goods within 4 days after his confirmation. The quality of the products and the delivery date have been confirmed by Mr. Goe. After the sample passed the test, Liu successfully got the order.

One month after the cooperation, Liu received Mr. Goe's email about feedback. With our full cooperation, their delivery date has been guaranteed and the relationship with their customers has been eased. AOQUN is the best escalator skirt brushes manufacturer they ever cooperated with, and will continue to cooperate with AOQUN in the future.

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Mass Custom Escalator Skirt Brushes, Contact AOQUN
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