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Matters Need Attention In Using Medical Tube Cleaning Brushes - Aoqun

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German customer Ellison is an old customer of our company. He said that there was a batch of medical tube cleaning brushes he purchased, and many customers asked him how to use it properly. Ellison said that he is also a layman in this area and does not know how to answer his customers. Ellison asked us if we could explain to him.

We told Ellison that there is absolutely no problem in explaining to him. We know that Ellison purchase is a common medical tube cleaning brushes, although there are not too many strict requirements in terms of use, but the following details should be noted. First: The diameter of medical tube cleaning brushes should match the tube. If it is too large, it will easily crack the chemical tube. Secondly, the residual liquid in the tube should be washed by water first, and the overwhelming force should not be too large when brushing. In order to prevent crushing or puncturing the bottom of the tube; in addition, too much pressure will cause the shaft on both sides of brush to be distorted or overheated, resulting in broken shaft, rapid melting and reduced service life. Third: When there’s acid or alkali or corrosive liquid in the tube, it should be diluted or rinsed then we use the medical tube cleaning brushes to clean with water, hang and dry; Fourth: If necessary, add detergent to clean the tube, put the medical tube cleaning brushes back in place and fold it over the tube holder after washing.

Two months later, we received an email from Ellison again. He said that his client used the medical tube cleaning brushes according to the method we explained. The effect is really different. Not only protects the test tube, but also greatly extends the service life. Ellison said that we are experts in making brushes. We will be a long-term supplier of medical tube cleaning brushes in China for them.

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