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Medical Device Cleaning Brushes Can Be Customized From AOQUN

Medical Device Cleaning Brushes Can Be Customized From AOQUN

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We have received an inquiry from the German customer who called Alva, she said that she wanted to purchase a batch of medical device cleaning brushes but only needed 500 for the first time. She said that many manufacturers can not make it and asked us whether we can produce this quantity.

We told Alva that we could do that, and or products can be customized according to customers' requirements. And then, in order to solve the problems and needs better and faster, we suggested Alva to send us the drawings and application scenarios of the medical device cleaning brushes. After receiving these product materials from Alva, we gave the sample to our colleagues in the technical department. Our colleagues in the technical department made the sample according to drawings. 10 days later, after continuous testing, the medical device cleaning brushes was finally made and we sent to Alva.

A month later we sent email to Alva. Alva told us that this medical device cleaning brushes is very practical, and the size is also suitable. The most important thing is that although the quantity is small, but the quality was great. Alva also said that it has received a good response after it was put into market trials, and has been favored by many customers. One month later, we received 5000 pieces brush order from Alva.

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Medical Device Cleaning Brushes Can Be Customized From AOQUN
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