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NO.1 Filter Brushes Koi Manufacturer – AOQUN

NO.1 Filter Brushes Koi Manufacturer – AOQUN

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Some time ago, Mr. Guo, who was engaged in fish pond breeding in Nansha, called Mr. Wang, the senior salesman of AOQUN, saying that he operated about 600 acres of 6 fish ponds, it’s located in the exit of the Pearl River. The environmental pollution is serious, water quality is not very good, he asked us which filter brushes koi can solve this problem.

The next morning, Xiao Wang took a sample visit to Mr. Guo and recommended him a filter brushes koi independently developed by AOQUN. This filter brushes koi has angular structure filament. It has high flexibility, strong bending recovery and good elasticity. It is easy to catch debris and form the biofilm. It is easy to operate and manage, widely used in filtration and purification of various water environment such as rivers, lakes and seas; It also applicable to anaerobic and aerobic treatment of various sewage. In the same day, Mr. Guo ordered 200 brushes for testing.

Twenty days later, Mr. Guo called Mr. Wang and said: “The 200 filter brushes koi are put in the water inlet of a fish pond for trial use. After half a month, it is obvious that the water quality has been greatly improved. I feel that the fish are much more active than before. The remaining 5 fish ponds will also be mounted with this filter brushes koi. Your company is the No.1 brush manufacturer!” Subsequently, Mr. Guo made another order of 1000pcs.

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NO.1 Filter Brushes Koi Manufacturer – AOQUN
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