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Surgical Brushes For Sale With Antibacterial Function

Surgical Brushes For Sale With Antibacterial Function

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Jack from Brazil needs to order a batch of surgical brushes for sale with antibacterial function. Feedback that the brush previously ordered from other places has no antibacterial function and can not provide certificates, resulting in direct return of a large number of customers, and the order quantity is significantly reduced, ask us whether the brush wire of the test tube has antibacterial function, and provide relevant certificates.

Our customer service Mary responded quickly one minute after receiving Jack email, and learned the size of the tube brush ordered before, and told Jack that our antibacterial surgical brushes for sale was popular in Europe and the United States. After ordering, we can provide the antibacterial certificate of brushing silk. Considering that the goods have been paid before Jack, the goods can not get the certificate. Mary sent the screenshot of the certificate to Jack, although it is a screenshot of the certificate, but Jack is very satisfied. At the same time, we have paid the custom fee of usd150 sample. We are required to send the surgical brushes for sale of silk brushing with antibacterial function in 10 days, and we will send the sample after 8 days.

Three days later, Jack received a surgical brushes for sale with antibacterial function, which was very satisfied with the quality of the brush and gave us 50, 000 orders on the same day.

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Surgical Brushes For Sale With Antibacterial Function
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