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Well-Served Koi Filter Brush Manufacturer-AOQUN

Well-Served Koi Filter Brush Manufacturer-AOQUN

3rd Floor, AB Building, No. 333 South Panyu Avenue, Dongchong Town – Guangzhou – China, Guandong020-84858360Facebook
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Miss Zhou, from Jiangsu, is a distributor of aquarium products. She purchases a lot and there are a lot of supply channels. Ms. Zhou often helps her friends to purchase some koi filter brushes. Because of the packaging, her shipping costs are relatively high.

In an accidental opportunity, Miss Zhou saw a new batch of koi filter brushes in her friends’ shop. Although the size of the outer box looks the same, the number of brushes is 66% more than that of her current supplier, so the cost of each brush is less. When Miss Zhou returned to the shop, she began to search for AOQUN. This company has been engaged in the brush industry for more than 11 years. It not only specializes in the production of koi filter brushes, but also serves customers everywhere. Miss Zhou immediately requested samples from AOQUN.

Two days later, Miss Zhou received a sample of the circulating water Biological koi filter brush from AOQUN. After unpacking, she found that the koi filter brush under this packaging method of the AOQUN was not damaged at all, so she immediately ordered 3,000 pieces.

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Well-Served Koi Filter Brush Manufacturer-AOQUN
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