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What Truck Spray Suppressant Brush Are Durable? — AOQUN

What Truck Spray Suppressant Brush Are Durable? — AOQUN

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In recent years, truck spray suppressant brush have gradually integrated into people’s daily life. But many of them become less durable with frequent use and lose their original functions. So what is durable? Today, let’s meet Auqun nylon truck spray suppressant brush.

It can pass the “1 million times non-deformation at high-speed friction” test, and the structure and function are complete during the 15-year life. At present, it has been widely used in trucks across the country.

Anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging; performance can be guaranteed in ultra-low temperature of -50 ℃ and ultra-high temperature of 40 ℃.
Made of pure nylon, not only has good flexibility and no filament loss, but also the 10mm truck spray suppressant brush pull force exceeds 10KG, which is stronger than a bunch of hair.
Aoqun makes every truck spray suppressant brush carefully, and ensures the quality of every truck spray suppressant brush with professionalism, concentration and dedication. Want to use a durable truck spray suppressant brush? Contact Aoqun!

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What Truck Spray Suppressant Brush Are Durable? — AOQUN
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