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Why Brush in Escalator? Can it be Installed Later? - AOQUN

Why Brush in Escalator? Can it be Installed Later? - AOQUN

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On September 3, I received a phone call from Mr. Zhou and asked: why brush in escalator? Can the escalator brush be installed later? Originally, Mr. Zhou was the purchaser of an elevator manufacturer and had been responsible for the elevators project. He was responsible for the escalator project for the first time. He found that the escalator was not equipped with a brush, it is only 7 days before the inspection date. If the inspection is not passed, it is necessary to pay penalty. Thus, he came to ask AOQUN to help them.

After learning the situation, our manager, Miss Gui, contacted Mr. Zhou: Other customers have ever consulted why brush in escalator, if the escalator brush can be installed later? According to the national standard GB16899-2011, the escalator must be installed with a safety brush. The safety brush should be used as a warning function to prevent the toes, skirts, trousers, etc. from being stuck in the escalator. In addition, we have 10 production lines, which can definitely meet the urgent needs of customers in terms of delivery time. Mr. Zhou placed the order of 800 meters immediately. The goods delivered after 4 days.

After 7 days, Miss Gui received a phone call from Mr. Zhou: Thank AOQUN so much! Tell me why brush in escalator, which help us find a solution for the escalator brush, and fully cooperate with the delivery of the urgent orders, so that the entire project can be delivered on schedule. We hope to cooperate with AOQUN for a long time!

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Why Brush in Escalator? Can it be Installed Later? - AOQUN
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