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Your Customized Safety Escalator Brush Specialist - AOQUN

Your Customized Safety Escalator Brush Specialist - AOQUN

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Hearing from Mr. Wang of Indonesia, he wrote:” my friend introduced you to me. I heard that you are the professional brush manufacturer, so you must be able to custom-make our safety escalator brush, right? I am looking for a safety escalator brush supplier who can custom-make safety escalator brush for us in a long term. Because our previous supplier cannot develop brush strip with us according to our need, resulting in our limited product type, unable to meet our customer’s need, which makes us miss quite a few customers.”

We are just the professional safety escalator brush factory, with our strong ability to develop product. We can custom-make the safety escalator brush according to your request and drawing. For the bending part of the aluminum strip, from end to end, the brush will be made based on your drawing. You can have a trial order for 1 or 2 escalators first, then we can have a small-batch production and show you the samples. Two days later, Mr. Wang placed a 3-escalator sample order. All their bending parts are different. After confirming all the product sizes and bending place, we sent the samples within 3 days.

Ten days later, we received his feedback. He said brushes for every escalator are made according to their request, and the assembly effect is quite good. He is quite satisfied with our product. AOQUN’s coordination and professional customization bring him more projects. Now when bidding for customized safety escalator brush, the success rate rose by 50%. His customers are happy for him to find such a superior enterprise like us.

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Your Customized Safety Escalator Brush Specialist - AOQUN
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