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Stretched Mild Steel Panels

Stretched Mild Steel Panels

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Slit and Stretched Mild Steel Mesh Black or Galvanized Screen Sheets for Ventilation and Various Industrial Uses
Stretched expanded mild steel sheet is made from sheets or coils of solid metals. The metal sheets are slit and stretched with each stroke of the upper die, forming a diamond or hexagonal pattern. Stretched metal mesh has raised neat surface with no burrs. The stretched metal sheet ( black steel or galvanized steel) is available with different hole apertures and sheet thicknesses for fencing panels, ventilation sheet or steel grating decking.

Stretched steel mesh black finish or galvanized sheet is economic cost. It is easily processing, has uniform stretched holes and has versatile applications.

The pierced and expanded metal mesh is widely used but not limited to:
•Building Cladding Panels;
•Display Stands;
•Car Grilles and Various Ventilation Sheet;
•Conveyor Guarding and Machine Guarding;
•Grain Drying Racks;
•Fire Screens;
•Industrial grating and floors.

Raised Diamond Opening
Raised Diamond Opening

Mild Steel Expanded Metal Mesh Panels
Mild Steel Expanded Metal Mesh Panels

Raised Mild Steel Mesh
Raised Mild Steel Mesh

Black Steel Mesh Expanded Sheet Specifications:

Long way of mesh:12.5 to 200mm
Short way of mesh:5 to 80mm
Sheet Thickness:0.5 to 8mm
Surface treatment: mild steel, further galvanized, pvc coated

Raised Diamond Opening
Mild Steel Expanded Metal Mesh Panels
Vent Screen SheetExpanded Metal Mesh For The HouseExpanded Metal Sheet
Sheet length from 600 to 4000mm and sheet width from 600 to 2000mm.

Colour Finishes

We offer custom colours, matched to colour palettes. Material finish is available in smart surface technology, powder coated and mill finish.

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Stretched Mild Steel PanelsStretched Mild Steel Panels
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