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Supply High Quality Alloy Steel Hot Forgings for Mining Machinery

Supply High Quality Alloy Steel Hot Forgings for Mining Machinery

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The existence of forgings defects, some will affect the subsequent processing quality or processing quality, and some will seriously affect the performance and use of forgings, and even reduce the service life of the finished products, endangering safety. The quality inspection of forgings includes the inspection of external quality and internal quality. Appearance quality inspection mainly refers to the geometric size, shape, surface condition and other items of the forgings inspection; The inspection of internal quality mainly refers to the inspection of the chemical composition, macro structure, microstructure and mechanical properties of forgings. The appearance quality inspection of forgings is to check whether the shape and geometric size of forgings conform to the provisions of the pattern, whether the surface of forgings has defects, what is the nature of the defects, what are their morphological characteristics. The inspection content of the surface state is generally to check whether there are surface cracks, folds, wrinkles, pressure pits, orange peel, blisters, spots, corrosion pits, bumps, foreign matter, not full, pits, lack of flesh, scratches and other defects on the surface of the forging. The inspection of the internal quality is to check the internal quality of the forgings themselves, is the quality of the appearance of the quality inspection can not be found, it includes the inspection of the internal defects of the forgings, also includes the inspection of the mechanical properties of the forgings, and the important parts or large forgings should also be chemical composition analysis. The test of mechanical properties and process properties is to test the mechanical properties and process properties of the forgings and test pieces that have passed the specified heat treatment after processing into the specified sample by tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, endurance testing machine, fatigue testing machine, hardness tester and other instruments to determine the numerical value of mechanical properties and process properties.

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Supply High Quality Alloy Steel Hot Forgings for Mining MachinerySupply High Quality Alloy Steel Hot Forgings for Mining Machinery
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