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Custom Forging Mining Machinery Parts

Custom Forging Mining Machinery Parts

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In order to ensure that the mechanical properties meet the technical requirements, Cr, Ni, Mo content of alloy elements are controlled at the upper medium limit, C content is controlled at the lower limit, in order to achieve the purpose of refining grain, improving the plasticity and impact toughness, to provide a favorable guarantee for obtaining a good comprehensive mechanical properties.

In order to ensure that ultrasonic detection and non-metallic inclusions and grain size meet the technical requirements, the content of impurity elements such as P and S is strictly controlled during smelting, so as to reduce the content of inclusions and gas in steel as far as possible and improve the purity of molten steel. In the forging process, the cutting amount of the bottom and riser of the ingot is strictly controlled, the wide anvil is used to pull out the length, the forging fire times and the pressure of the last fire are strictly controlled, and the fine operation is carried out at the same time to improve the stress state of the forgings and fully forge through the internal forgings

Because of the large internal stress of the workpiece and the excessive length of the product when the heat treatment is quenched, the machining allowance, especially the machining allowance of the inner hole, will be increased before the heat treatment, so that the product can be finished after the heat treatment. Full preparation for heat treatment, such as all the edges and corners of the forgings polished into obtuse angles, including the edges and corners of the inner and outer walls of the lifting holes, in order to reduce the possibility of quenching when water cooling, and reduce the oil temperature in the oil groove, to prevent the oil temperature from being too high, resulting in workpiece fire. According to the actual composition of the forgings to develop reasonable quenching and tempering temperature, in the product quenching and tempering are medium and low maintenance, further reduce the thermal stress. Timely into the furnace after quenching tempering, to prevent the final cooling temperature is too low resulting in cracks. It can be seen from the actual chemical composition that the carbon content of the forging bottom and riser exists segregation. In order to solve the influence of component segregation, the corresponding measures were adopted to ensure that the difference of tensile strength at both ends met the technical requirements, and that the mechanical properties and forging size met the technical requirements.

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Custom Forging Mining Machinery PartsCustom Forging Mining Machinery Parts
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