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China Manufacturer Supply Coal Mine Sprocket Assembly

China Manufacturer Supply Coal Mine Sprocket Assembly

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The sprocket assembly is a driving part of the fully mechanized coal mining scraper conveyor, which is driven by the motor reducer and drives the scraper chain of the scraper conveyor for cyclic operation to transport coal. And 96S01010101 sprocket assembly is one of the many sprocket assemblies of scraper conveyor, the following Henan Shuangzhi machinery have a simple look and understand it.

sprocket assembly

For the 96S01010101 sprocket assembly of scraper conveyor, we first want to understand is that it is suitable for the host, 96S01010101 sprocket assembly are SGB764/246 main engine used, this is also a more common host size in the coal mine production, so the utilization rate is good. For this type of scraper for its mining workload is still relatively large, then 96S01010101 sprocket assembly how to run more durable? Henan Shuangzi Machinery starts from material selection and process, and chooses 42CrMo material as the raw material of 96S01010101 sprocket assembly, whose performance is well guaranteed. Further improvement is made through forging process, the chain socket of the sprocket assembly is smooth and does not bite the chain, and the teeth are quenched and wear resistant, which makes the service cycle of the sprocket assembly longer.

The drive head sprocket assembly and tail end sprocket assembly are the same for the type of SGB764/246 scraper conveyor, so the SGB764/246 scraper conveyor uses two 96S01010101 sprocket assemblies. Henan Shuangzhi machinery has been engaged in the production and processing of scraper conveyor parts for many years, if you pay attention to the product quality, welcome to consult us to discuss cooperation!

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China Manufacturer Supply Coal Mine Sprocket Assembly
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