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Customized Carbon Steel Forged For Sprocket

Customized Carbon Steel Forged For Sprocket

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Sprocket shaft group as an important part of the scraper, transfer machine, if you need to customize the forging sprocket, you are welcome to contact us

The sprocket shaft is assembled on the head frame of the machine head. The sprocket shaft group is mainly composed of bearing cover, bearing seat, sprocket, shaft, oil seal, sleeve, screw plug and rolling bearing. The sprocket is forged as a whole with alloy steel. The tooth shape is CNC machining. Tooth surface quenching treatment. The inner hole is the involute spline, which is assembled with the shaft. The power is transferred from the output of the reducer to the sprocket shaft, so as to drive the operation of the scraper chain. The sprocket shaft group can be disassembled in the drive part of the machine head for easy maintenance.

The sprocket shaft group is a centralized oil storage box with thin oil lubrication, the lubricating oil can be used through the hose of the oil tank into the sprocket shaft group, easy to fuel and improve the internal environment of the sprocket shaft group, prolong the service life of the shaft group.

In use, attention should be paid to the head and tail of the sprocket shaft group generally put into use, when the tooth surface wear on one side reaches 2 mm, it is recommended to surfacing repair grinding treatment, or replace the installation direction of the sprocket shaft group, to extend its service life. When the wear amount reaches 6 mm, or the occurrence of abnormal meshing phenomenon such as card chain, must immediately stop using, otherwise the abnormal impact force will likely cause the occurrence of accidents such as gear reduction gear or chain breaking.

In the process of underground work, encountered coal gangue or other sundries, resulting in the chain is not cleaned in time. During assembly, the clearance between the accessories is too small, and the resistance is too large. Bearing dislocation, not timely oiling, etc.

Buy sprocket components will consider the construction period, service life, material, etc., different processing technology will have different product performance, advanced equipment can improve work efficiency.

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Customized Carbon Steel Forged For SprocketCustomized Carbon Steel Forged For Sprocket
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