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Die Forgings Used In Coal Mine Conveyor

Die Forgings Used In Coal Mine Conveyor

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The inspection of the internal quality of the forgings is to check the internal quality of the forgings themselves, the quality of the appearance quality inspection can not be found, it includes the inspection of the internal defects of the forgings, but also includes the inspection of the mechanical properties of the forgings, and the important parts, key parts or large forgings should also be analyzed for chemical composition. For internal defects we will be through low power inspection, fracture inspection, high power inspection method to test whether there is a forging such as internal crack, shrinkage cavity, loose, coarse grain, white spot, dendritic crystal, streamline does not conform to the shape, streamline disorder, cross flow, coarse grain ring, oxide film, layer, overheating, overburning tissue defects. For the mechanical properties, it mainly checks the normal temperature tensile strength, plasticity, toughness, hardness, fatigue strength, high temperature instantaneous fracture strength, high temperature durable strength, durable plasticity and high temperature creep strength, etc.

The appearance quality inspection of forgings is to check whether the shape and geometric size of forgings conform to the provisions of the pattern, whether the surface of forgings has defects, what is the nature of the defects, what are their morphological characteristics. The inspection content of the surface state is generally to check whether there are surface cracks, folds, wrinkles, pressure pits, orange peel, blisters, spots, corrosion pits, bumps, foreign matter, not full, pits, lack of flesh, scratches and other defects on the surface of the forging.

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Die Forgings Used In Coal Mine ConveyorDie Forgings Used In Coal Mine ConveyorDie Forgings Used In Coal Mine Conveyor
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