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Surgical and Dental instruments

Surgical and Dental instruments

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Dear Respected Sirs/Madam,

We are verified and Gold Member supplier from
HUMERA SANKYO CORPORATION is one of the leading manufacturers & Exporters of Surgical Instruments (Diagnostic Instruments, Forceps all sorts, Scissors all sorts)
Endoscopy Instruments,Otoscopes,Ophthalmoscopes,Tongue Depressors & Pen Torch and Dental Instruments, Orthodontic instruments, hospital products and orthopedic instruments ,Veterinary instruments with competitive prices
We are Specialist in All above Categories and we are using top quality medical grade stainless steel to produce our high quality products which is also the Hallmark of our company.
Quality Achievement: With great innovation and dedication, we can offer you unbeatable prices and quality Products,
We used AISI 410,420,304 ASTM F899 Steel according international standards Also French and German and Japanese steel for our instruments.
All products are certificated by ISO-9001 /FDA (GMP)/CE MARK ISO 13485,
Samples can be shipped immediately by DHL for your kind inspection on your request.
We are searching the long-term companion. you can decide whether to establish the long-term cooperation with us or not after a test for our product. You can learn more from our website here, .
Our main customers: wholesaler, importers, dealers, hospitals, dental schools, dentists. Medical shop.
We can send you full price list and PDF catalog per your request and contact with us our regular email address

Please advice products you interested in, we will quote accordingly. If you have any question you may ask us with out any hesitation.
Waiting your reply would be highly appreciated.
With Best Regard
Fax No + 92-52-4268386/4260169.
Hotline + 92-3338776775
Phone N0 + 92-52-4260169/4273036.
Web site:
E- mail
Skype Account : sankyoinstruments

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Surgical and Dental instruments
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