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Greetings from A&M Global Trading (HK) LTD,
We are the global Buyers & Suppliers for Food & Beverages. We Buy & Supply Chicken, Beef, Pork, Seafood, Lamb, Vegetables & Spices.
IN Chicken - Breast, Leg, wings & Chicken feet/paws (Spain, Brazil, India & Poland)
IN Beef - All types of meat & ovals (Beef omasum, tripe, honeycomb) (Russia, Germany, India, Argentina & Ukraine)
IN Pork - All types of meat & ovals (Pork hint legs) (Ukraine, Ireland)
IN Seafood - Western & Southern Lobsters from Australia, Black Merlin, Long tails Shark, Sail fish, Bonito from Pacific Ocean, Tilapia, croakers & so on from China & India.
IN Lamb - All type of meat & ovals (New Zealand & Australia).
IN Vegetables - All type of vegetables from India & Thailand.
IN Spices - All type of spices from India.

Current Requirement - 
1. Beef Omasum - Haiphong port - 10 containers per month.
3. Ribbon Fish - 4-5 40ft containers per month (China mainland)
please e-mail me for the future business. We are registered trading company in Hongkong & India.
J. Martin Mendez. 
A&M Global Trading (HK) LTD (Hongkong) & J J Business Consultants (India).
Website -
Email - , martinmendez1979@yahoo/outlook/
Contact - India +91-95512-55448 / Hongkong +852-65-473-473
Skype - martinmendez1979
Line - demeninzmart 
We Chat - martinmendez1979
LinkedIn -
I would Say - "Confidence & Love is GOD"

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