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AI features to add realism to sex dolls

AI features to add realism to sex dolls

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Technological advancements are making inroads into practically every facets of life and there is no surprise how it has impacted the adult industry. From Augmented reality to virtual reality, the adult entertainment has certainly got a makeover when hot pole dance sessions and virtual sex is possible in the comfort of your home without paying a single tip.

The sex doll industry has also profited with the latest chemical engineering that has helped in the synthesis of polymers with human like skin texture. Dolls made of such human like materials, namely silicone and platinum TPE have added a unique realism to the doll. The material is further textured and sculpted for the most stunning sexual experience.

To add further realism, certain AI features have added a new dimensions to the physiology of the sex doll. Like in touch-sound AI feature, sensors are placed across the erogenous zone of the body, like the breast, butt and the love tunnels and as you squeeze those mounds, the doll gives orgasmic cry just like how real women do when they experience orgasm. You can even program this feature with short conversation. What more can you want!

The heat technology makes the doll nice and warn to become your prefect partner in cold and lonely nights. Several other AI features are on the assembly line to add more realism to the dolls.

These features helps to create a emotional bond like how we are attached to our personal belongings in life. AI technology helps in  creating that personal connection with customization feature. Yes, you can design your custom sex doll to look exactly like your first love. You just need to send an image of your lover. The deep learning algorithm will scan the image to make a 3D model of your lover, then sculptors will work on this blueprint to make a perfect silicone mould and if you want the doll to sound like your lover, it can be done too and in a months’ time, you will get your synthetic personal lover.    

Such realism was undreamt of in yesteryears, but with AI technology, the life size sex dolls resemble artificial women without the unwanted mood swings that most men complain when they talk about their limited sex life.

Opening of several sex doll brothels across 12 countries relates to the unprecedented acceptance of sex doll in the society. Many doll owners are young men who have no time for dating as they are busy building their career. While some are couple who want to add spice to their conjugal life with a life size sex doll.

The shemale sex doll are widely popular in bachelor parties and male sex doll is not behind. There is everything for every one and it will not be long when it will challenge the sex trade due to which many crimes are committed like human trafficking and child exploitation.

Experiments are undergoing to treat pedophiles with mini sex doll. Usage of love dolls has many benefits like it cuts down the chances of contracting STDs and give you less emotional baggage like when you deal with real women.

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AI features to add realism to sex dolls
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