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Cotton Wool

Cotton Wool

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Product Introduction
Made by nature medical absorbent cotton .Packing: 1roll/blue kraft paper or polybag
White, soft and high water-absorbing. No fluorescent agent, non-toxic, no stimulation, no sensitization.

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Activity: Livestock Equipment, Medical Supplies, Equine Supplies,Protective Equipment

Devoling Industrial Co.,Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Agriculture, Medical Supplies,Equine Supplies, Protective Equipment,etc in China. We are capable of manufacturing own core products, also sourcing from reliable and selected manufacturers, keep quality and prices under control so as to supply the suitable and competitive products to the oversea market. Focus on agriculture industry,veterinary medical instrument and farming livestock equipment are most important subsectors for animal health and husbandry,which enhance the living quality of dairy cattle,horse,pig,chicken,dog and so on.Based on them,comsumable medical supplies such as veterinary wound dressings,syringes,examination gloves,and durable husbandry instruments such as pig feeding,hoof trimming,animal restraining,have been exported to in Europe,America,the Middle East,Africa and other countries and regions, are well-known and popular in every corner of the world. Having accumulated rich OEM experience, we can design and develop various kinds of metal and plastic products in new moulding with specific functions. With continuous investment in research, we are also committed to supplying equine supplies and protective equipment too. At Devoling, we strive to create higher value and offer best one station service for our customers all the time. Delivery on time and at a competitive price from one hundred of manufacturers connected with us, some of them produce for us exclusively. Our experience and contacts within China can help you reduce the risks of non-performance or sub-standard performance, We always do our best to continually improve your profit, We try to treat customers as you would wish to be treated. Choose our platform and you will get future-proofed product, we will try our best to meet your requirements and demands,We are ready to help you with whatever you may need. if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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