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In addition, Professor Hu denied that the golf course was a A large amount of water in the industry. "After the completion of the national golf course clean-up, China left only 496 18-hole golf course from the irrigation water consumption, the 496 stadium annual water consumption of about 155 million cubic meters, accounting for the country's total annual water consumption 6180 0.025% of the cubic meter of water, accounting for about 0.04% of the annual agricultural water consumption of about 3904 million cubic meters, and for the golf course that has been criticized for water, the groundwater is not the only source of irrigation water for golf courses. (Such as ponds, lakes, streams), groundwater, water, etc. Therefore, according to my study, regardless of the irrigation water use coefficient, irrigation quota or water consumption point of view, the golf division For the special industry, known as the 'high water consumption' hat, are lack of scientific basis.If you greatly improve the golf course irrigation water tax burden, both the lack of scientific and unreasonable, so I think the current development of Hebei Province Water resources tax standards are not appropriate. "Hu Lin that the government last year's water resources tax reform is in fact a policy background. "As early as 2012, the State Council issued the" Opinions on the implementation of the most stringent water resources management system.

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kelii golf ball company, we are manufacturer of the golf ball and golf club. We have the capacity to manufacture over 12,00,000 dozen golf balls per year and we sell our golf ball to all over the world. with our best quality and competitive price we get many customer from Europe and North American customer

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