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Penetration Grade Petroleum Bitumen (50-70)

Penetration Grade Petroleum Bitumen (50-70)

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Based in Iran (Islamic Republic of), we are a leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Penetration Grade Petroleum Bitumen (50-70). We are backed by a team of experts which ensures the Penetration Grade Petroleum Bitumen goes through stringent quality tests before delivery. Compositionally balanced and highly effective, our Penetration Grade Petroleum Bitumen (50-70) is available at nominal price. Besides, we promise on-time delivery across the world.

About the company

Isfahan Bitumen Production Co.

Activity: Bitumen Supplier

We, Isfahan Bitumen Production Co., are a manufacturing company in Bitumen, only providing high quality Bitumen. Isfahan Bitumen is a well-established family oriented company with over 35 years of experience with 100% Customer satisfaction worldwide. We always seek to provide the highest quality and service. Our brand name is embossed on the drums so incase of any problems we can easily identify our cargo. Your company or anyone from your side is more than welcome to present at the time of loading from factory and do any testing in our laboratory or at port of loading. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

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Penetration Grade Petroleum Bitumen (50-70)Penetration Grade Petroleum Bitumen (50-70)Penetration Grade Petroleum Bitumen (50-70)
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