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QXHJ-GM-20210402 Wall Type Shelf

QXHJ-GM-20210402 Wall Type Shelf

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Name: Wall type shelf
Series: Steel wood shelf
Product number: KQHJ-GM-20210402
Shape: Wall type
Color: Combination of all-steel plastic spraying and wood-based panels, conventional teak wood color, optional
Steel and wood structure, the metal can be all steel, all aluminum, stainless steel, sprayable, and can be plated with titanium

Conventional wood is synthetic board

Function use: Suitable for display sales of retail items, display sales of groceries
Specification: Each component 4000*400*2800 (L*W*H)
Standard: Achieve low-carbon and environmental protection standards as a whole
Advantages and characteristics: Components and components can be spliced, and the length of the display rack can be adjusted. The display rack is divided into five layers. The shelf is closed on the top, and the top is advertising. It is strong and stable without deformation, corrosion resistance, long service life, high bearing capacity, convenient transportation, and installation Convenient, video guidance, in line with the principles of human mechanics, durable and beautiful.
Application scenarios: Can be placed in supermarkets, convenience stores, retail stores, shopping malls
Enterprise Commitment: The factory has the lowest direct selling price, accepts customization, and provides free overall plan design. Most suitable for one-stop purchase before opening, saving cost and time

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QXHJ-GM-20210402 Wall Type Shelf
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