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Head Rotor 7185-918L 4/7r Dp200 for Cabezal J. Deere =7185-639L-328L, Delphi Cav Rotor Head

Head Rotor 7185-918L 4/7r Dp200 for Cabezal J. Deere =7185-639L-328L, Delphi Cav Rotor Head

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We are a manufacturer for diesel engine parts, Such as Head Rotor, nozzles, plungers, feed pumps, delivery valves, cam plates, repair kits and so on. Which are applied on Japanese car / truck, Euro truck and Agricultural machines.

As following is data for head rotor (Cylinder rotor).
Raw material: Cr12MOV
Processing Technique: Vacuumhardening
Rigidity: HRC62-65
Guarantee time: 180 days

Product Name Type NO. Serial Number Stamping NO.
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7123/340U 7123/340U
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7123-340R 7123-340R
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7123-340S 7123-340S
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7123-345U 7123/345U
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7123-909T 7123-909T
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7123-909U 7123-909U
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7139-130T 7139-130T
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7139-360U 7139/360U
HEAD ROTOR 3CYL 7139-764S 7139-764S
HEAD ROTOR 3CYL 7139-764T 7139-764T
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7180-571T 7180-571T
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7180-678S 7180-678S
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7180-687S 7180-687S
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7180-550k 7180-550k
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7180-550R 7180-550R
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7180-550S 7180-550S
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7180-550U 7180-550U
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7180-559U 7180-559U

If you need those parts, welcome to contact with me.
NO. Product Code Specification Type Shoes Solenoid
1 7123-340R 4/8.5L DPA 2 No
2 7123-340S 4/8.5R DPA 2 No
3 7123-340T 4/9L DPA 2 No
4 7123-340U 4/9R DPA 2 No
5 7123-340W 4/9.5R DPA 2 No
6 7123-345U 6/9R DPA 2 No
7 7123-909T 6/9L DPA 2 No
8 7139-130T 4/9L DPA 2 No
9 7139-235G 3/8R DPA 2 No
10 7139-360U 6/9R DPA 2 No
11 7139-709W 3/9.5R DPA 2 No
12 7139-764S 3/8.5R DPA 2 No
13 7139-764T 3/9L DPA 2 No
14 7139-92Y 6/10R DPA 2 No
15 7180-572Y 6/10R DPA 2 No
16 91Y 6/10R DPA 2 No
17 908V 6/9.5L DPA 2 No
18 7180-600L 4/7R DPA 4 No
19 7180-650S 3/8.5R DPA 2 Yes
20 7180-647U 4/9R DPA 2 Yes
21 7180-611W 3/9.5R DPA 2 Yes
22 7180-613W 3/9.5R DPA 2 Yes
23 7180-655L 6/7R DPA 4 Yes
24 7180-668W 4/9.5R DPA 2 Yes
25 7180-819U 4/9R DPA 2 Yes
26 7180-965L 4/7R DPA 4 Yes
27 7180-977S 3/8.5R DPA 2 Yes
28 7183-125L 4/7R DPS 4 Yes
29 7183-156L 6/7R DPS 4 Yes
30 7183-165L 4/7R DPS 4 Yes
31 7183-129K 4/7L DPS 4 Yes
32 7183-136K 4/7L DPS 4 Yes
33 7185-114L 6/7R DP200 4 Yes
34 7185-196L 6/7R DP200 4 Yes
35 7185-197L 4/7R DP200 4 Yes
36 7185-913L 3/7R DP200 4 Yes
37 7185-917L 6/7R DP200 4 Yes
38 7185-918L 4/7R DP200 4 Yes
39 7189-376L 4/7R DP200 4 Yes
40 9050-191L 4/7R DPA 4 Yes
41 9050-228L 4/7R DP200 4 Yes
42 9187-210A 3/7R DP200 4 Yes
43 344W 4/9.5R DPA 2 Yes
44 641L 4/7R DPA 2 Yes
45 645L 4/7R DPA 2 Yes
46 698U 4/9R DPA 2 Yes
47 800L CI 4/7R DPA 4 Yes
48 547L 4/7R DPA 4 Yes
49 727L 6/7R DPA 4 Yes
50 927S 3/8.5R DPA 2 Yes
51 976L 3/7R DPA 4 Yes
52 15L 4/7R DPS 4 Yes
53 528K 4/7L DPS 4 Yes
54 215L SI 4/7R DP200 4 No
55 215L CI 4/7R DP200 4 Yes
56 511L SI 6/7R DP200 4 No
57 511L CI 6/7R DP200 4 Yes
58 039L 4/7R DP200 4 Yes
59 627L 3/7R DP200 4 Yes

About the company

Diesel Fuel Injection Parts

Activity: Produce and Sell High Quality Diesel Fuel Injection Parts

China Lutong Parts Plant, is a professional OEM & aftermarket parts supplier which specialized in high quality diesel fuel injection parts & locomotive diesel engine parts with a long history, Our main products include Head Rotor(VE Head Rotor,Perkins Head Rotor),Diesel Nozzle,Diesel Plunger,Diesel Elements,Diesel Injectors,Delivery Valve,Cam Disk,Drive Shaft,Repair Kits,Feed Pump,Roller Ring,VE Pump Parts,Nozzle Tester,Test Bench,Common Rail Injector,Common Rail Nozzle,Common Rail Injector Control Valve.and so on. As being in the business line for years,we always keep our steps with the international standard and technics and absorb the advanced producing system.So our products are exported to wide client-base spread across the world. We serve our customers in a courteous and professional manner.In pursuit of excellence,we also establish an efficient logistics and reaction system.We ensure that all the questions could be answered in the shortest time with satisfaction,all the products be delivery in stipulated frame of time.In general,we are not only producing our products,but also provide the full after-sale service and complete solution. Our Prodcts Series: 1.Ve Pump:(Fuel Injection Pump for Isuzu,Jmc,etc.) 2.Ve Pump Parts:(Feed Pump ,Cam Plate, Drive Shaft,Solenoid Valve,Roller Ring,Cross Cube,etc.) 3.Head Rotor:(Isuzu,Toyota,Mitsubishi,Iveco,Fiat,etc.) 4.Plunger:(Type:A,AD,P,PS7100,P8500,MW,PW,PT,etc.) 5.Nozzle:(Type:DN_SD,DNOPDN,S,SN,P,PN.etc.) 6.Repair Kit(VE pump,Lucas,etc.) 7.Delivery Valve:(A,P type etc.) 8.Pencil Nozzle:(Ford,CAT,etc) 9.Common Rail Control Valve:(Bosch,Denso,Delphi) 10.Lucas Head Rotor.(DPA,DPS,DP200) 11.Diesel Fuel Injectors(Bosch,Denso,Delphi) 12.Nozzle Tester,Test Bench and other test equipment. 13.Other Components Our Advantage: 1.High quality products 2.Strong Suppy Capacity. 3.Capacious warehousing 4.competitive factory price 5.Complete after-sale service system If you have interest,please feel free to contact us,we'll try our best to meet your need. Corissa Lao WhatsApp:0086-18965880739 Skype:dieselparts3 QQ:2850613587

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Head Rotor 7185-918L 4/7r Dp200 for Cabezal J. Deere =7185-639L-328L, Delphi Cav Rotor HeadHead Rotor 7185-918L 4/7r Dp200 for Cabezal J. Deere =7185-639L-328L, Delphi Cav Rotor HeadHead Rotor 7185-918L 4/7r Dp200 for Cabezal J. Deere =7185-639L-328L, Delphi Cav Rotor HeadHead Rotor 7185-918L 4/7r Dp200 for Cabezal J. Deere =7185-639L-328L, Delphi Cav Rotor Head
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