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new bmk oil Diethyl(phenylacetyl)malonate High purity new bmk oil CAS 20320-59-6

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new bmk oil Diethyl(phenylacetyl)malonate High purity new bmk oil CAS 20320-59-6 C15H18O5  direct Supplier MF:C15H18O5 MW:278.3 Boiling point:120 °C(Press: 0.01 Torr) density:1.148±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted) pka:8.76±0.59(Predicted) LogP: 1.54060 PSA: 69.67000 InChI: 1S/C15H18O5/c1-3-19-14(17)13(15(18)20-4-2)12(16)10-11-8-6-5-7-9-11/h5-9,13H,3-4,10H2,1-2H3 Other name: new bmk oil, new bmk replacement, bmk oil, Diethyl(phenylacetyl)malonate,Propanedioic acid, 2-(2-phenylacetyl)-, 1,3-diethyl ester,diethyl 2-(2-phenylacetyl)propanedioate,diethyl 2-(2-phenylacetyl)propanedioate ,Cas 20320-59-6;Propanedioic acid, (phenylacetyl)-, diethyl ester   If you have any interest, pls contact me   About us: We are a high-tech enterprise engaged in the area of chemical products. All the staffs are engrossed with professional production of chemical product, the selling of pharmaceutical intermediate and the other chemical products. 1. Quality 2. Stable price 3. Timely 4. Shipment safety 5. After Service Contact us for more hot sale products
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Whatsapp/telegram/Signal: +86 18233900820
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Do you expect below service ?
1. Quality have Gurantee.
2. Stable price have Gurantee.
3. Timely have Gurantee.
4. Shipment safety have Gurantee.
5. After Service have Gurantee.
Do not Hesitate, Contact us, we can be your good supplier.
We are welcome your visit, to inspect us, to test the goods quality.
Contact Us:
Whatsapp/telegram/Signal: +86 18233900820
Wickr: Wickr182
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new bmk oil Diethyl(phenylacetyl)malonate High purity new bmk oil CAS 20320-59-6
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