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VUTEk ASM Jetpack GEN 2 7PL GS/GSR Grey Uncoa - 45134373

VUTEk ASM Jetpack GEN 2 7PL GS/GSR Grey Uncoa - 45134373

Jl. Gagak Hitam No.9, Sei Sikambing B, Kec. Medan Sunggal – Medan – Indonesia+62 (61) 77945899Facebook
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Medan (Indonesia) - Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei)Medan (Indonesia) - Vientiane (Laos)
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Medan (Indonesia) - Alor Setar (Malaysia)

Technical Specifications

Drop size: 7pl
Grey Scale levels: 7
Nozzles: 508 nozzles
Firing Frequency: 18 kHz
Active Print Width: 72 mm
Damper: integrated, quick dry break connector
Ink type: UV

About the company


Duta Printing concept born from an idea to bring to market a comprehensive list of essential spare parts and accessories to make any wide format printing operation run smoothly and efficiently. We offer a vast selection of spare parts, inks, and materials for every large format printer out there. If you don't find what you are looking for, let us know, and we will see it for you. We have an extensive network of wholesalers, manufacturers and major distributors we work with so we can offer the best availability, service and competitive pricing possible. Our specialized team with more than 7 years experience in the Digital Wide Format Printing arena will assure you the best advice and quality service possible. Our commitment is with your 100% satisfaction and we appreciate your Business

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VUTEk ASM Jetpack GEN 2 7PL GS/GSR Grey Uncoa - 45134373
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