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Food > Food, juices, milk, eggs, oil ,bread, desserts, sauces, APPS
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Berlin (Germany) - Anshan (China, Bohai Bay)Berlin (Germany) - Anshun (China, South)
Berlin (Germany) - Dongguan (China, Guandong)Berlin (Germany) - Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Berlin (Germany) - Anyang (China, Rest)Berlin (Germany) - Changhua (Taiwan)
Berlin (Germany) - Macau (Macau)Berlin (Germany) - Lhasa (Tibet)
Berlin (Germany) - Anqing (China, close Shanghai)

China doesn't export. China imports goods from all the world as well.
We helps global exporters enter Chinese market.
We know more about Chinese market.
We help you build a Chinese site in China which is open to all Chinese people.
If people don't know you, how do they buy produts from you?
So why not allow us to help you to make it easier to reach Chinese importers and wholesalers.
Tel.: (+86) 0371-65715592 65715593
Fax: (+86) 0371-65715592-602
QQ: 961278758
Skype: mychris89

About the company

China Export & Import Trade

Activity: Help Global Exporter Market Goods In China

Localization is Important in the process of Globalization. You want to do business in China, then you have to cater to Chinese customers shopping habits, especially when China's internet commerce is thriving. Our business is to help global suppliers to enter Chinese market. We are not direct importers, but we are close to direct importers. We offer marketing services and free translation services to help you make your products and brands know by Chinese customers. We have two options to promote your products in China.  First, you can join our platform as VIP member for a marketing fee of USD 2000 per year. We offer this marketing services for a whole year including translating your products information into Chinese. Your contact information will also be displayed on our site so that the buyers can contact you directly.  Second, you can appoint us as your Chinese agent (not exclusive agent). In this way, we also help you market your products via our platforms. When there is a buyer, we forward the inquiry to you immediately. Either you or the buyer pay us a commission after each sale. 

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