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fasteners, bolts, nuts, washers

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EUROPRESSVIT S.r.l. has been operating since 1968 on the fasteners market and is able to offer a wide range of stainless steels screws and bolts according to European standards and custumer's specifications. EUROPRESSVIT is composed of a manufacturing unit equipped to produce standard and special partssuitable for any kind of assembling and warehouse specialised in the big distribution, able to grant the availability of fasteners to UNI, DIN and ISO specifications. This double specialisation allows EUROPRESSVIT S.r.l. to be the unique company on the market able to supply to the costumer the full range of fasteners and therefore to grant flexibility, reliability and real support through the time.

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fasteners, bolts, nuts, washersfasteners, bolts, nuts, washersfasteners, bolts, nuts, washersfasteners, bolts, nuts, washers
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