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TOK Open Heads Series: Tube to Tube Welding Heads
TOK open welding head is special designed for tube to tube TIG welding, suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel tube to tube connection, mainly for wire feeding or self-fusion.
Suitable for wall thickness 1~5mm tube installation, wide range of welding with touching tracking.

About the company

supply automatic welding machines,orbital and pipe welding machines

Activity: welding machines

Youbest Welding Ltd is one of the leading China orbital welding machines manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale cheap youbest welding or cutting orbital welding equipments, orbital tube welding machines, orbital welding systems, orbital TIG ARC welding, orbital welder, orbital gtaw welding, orbital welding, gtaw welding, orbital tube welding equipments, orbital welders, automatic orbital welding, automated welding orbital, orbital pipe welding machines, automatic orbital welding machines from our factory.

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Open Heads-Tube To Tube Welding Heads TOK Series
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