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We have a full range of graphite discs to meet any customers requirements. All of our disc materials are carefully selected to meet the most demanding applications.
The thinnest thickness can be 0.8mm, the common thickness is about 2mm, other size be machined by customers drawings and requirements.
The materials are high-quality.
The glossiness is better than others.
We have many sets of graphite discs machining equipments,the high production efficiency and superior quality make XRD Graphite Discs stand out.
XRD Graphite Discs are widely used in surge protection and other defend thunder equipments.

About the company

XRD Graphite Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Activity: producing and selling various types of graphite products

XRD Graphite, located in the famous coal city Pingdingshan of middle China, founded company in 2011,early predecessor of the company is a traditional graphite factory which focused on producing and selling various types of graphite products for more than 30 years, our products are widely used in photovoltaic,semiconductor,vacuum furnace, mechanical machining,non-ferrous metal smelting,electrical discharge machining,diamond sintering mould,chemical industry,nuclear and quartz industry etc.We are committed to high quality products with fair prices and timely delivery. We have been keeping stable business relations with our major clients Mitsubishi Electric,GCL Solar,Chinese National Nuclear Corporation,and many more.Certified by ISO9001:2008 Our products including : Isostatic Graphite,high purity molded graphite , EDM graphite ,Graphite Mould,Graphite Machining Part , Graphite Cookware (ROHS Compliant) , Graphite Disc ,Graphite rotor,Graphite Bolts, Graphite heating element,Graphite Heat Shield,Graphite Centre Shaft,Graphite Guide Cylinde, Graphite hot zone , Graphite Vacuum furnace,Graphite Crucible, Graphite electrode and other Graphite products,OEM/ODM Services available,We can make products according to the drawings provided by you , also we could provide design suggestions if needed

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