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Children perform mascot costumes in a shark fairy tale

Children perform mascot costumes in a shark fairy tale

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The most important thing about mascots is: materials and design. 

Our materials are EVA and EPE.
EVA: It is common in usage for children's anti-wrestling foam cushions. It is non-toxic and has no bad smell. Its softness and toughness are very good. If you choose EVA, your mascot will be very light and not easy to deform,washable . Especially suitable for people with sensitive skin, children and pregnant women.
EPE: It is also known as pearl cotton. It is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material. It is moisture-proof, tough, and has strong impact resistance. If this material is used to make dolls, the dolls are also very light and washable. Anti-collision.

And we have a wide variety of fabrics, ultra-soft short-haired style, curls, long hair, etc., our logo type is also very diverse, printing, embroidery, hand-made and so on.

Package:              Head + Body + Shoes + Hand Covers
Note: Mascot is a Special Order Item, Usually we need 1-5 days to customize them, Your delivery date should be Processing Days + Shipping Days Later, If you have specific requirments, Such as color, head  design, eyes, nose, mouth,logo print. Please contact us or just leave it in  comments.

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Children perform mascot costumes in a shark fairy tale
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