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Skirting Board Heating

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Climaboard® is a highly responsive, cost effective skirting heating system that works with boilers, heat pumps or electric power. With its system of twin 15mm copper pipes connected to aluminium fins by means of close-fitting flanged joints, Climaboard ST delivers heat in an extremely efficient manner, providing over 150 watts per meter at input water temperature of 65C. And if you need even more heat and have the extra height available, there's Climaboard DUO - with its clever arrangement of 4 parallel 15mm copper pipes in just 250 x 30mm profile it quite literally delivers double the power!

Easy to install and with a profile of just 140 mm high by 30 mm wide, Climaboard attaches to walls in place of ordinary skirting, neatly hiding its active radiator elements behind the front panel. Approved and certified to EN442, Climaboard® is available as standard in white to RAL 9010.

For more technical details, click here to refer to our Climaboard information website

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