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Prefabricated metal houses

Prefabricated metal houses

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Ktizo Kypros is a contractor-construction company that operates at a wide range within the building industry, all over Cyprus. Our primary aim is to respond fully to the customers’ needs, always according to their budget, offering excellent work quality within the time boundaries set at the work’s commencement. All our works are characterized by professionalism, responsibility and quality resulting from our expertise, providing us with the skills to offer solutions for whichever construction project!!

With the experience and knowledge we gained through our long involvement with house construction, we are in the position to offer you the house you want and dream of at a cost that you can bare. Whether the house you will choose is with a concrete skeleton or metallic prefabricated with a galvanized skeleton, we are at your service to offer you solutions for a thermal isolated, sound isolated, anti-seismic house with the best quality materials and specifications. At the same time we help you to form your outdoors, taking advantage of every corner of your yard.

Besides the house construction and due to the need for saving energy or due to the need for improvement of already existing buildings, we undertake renovations or maintenances of houses, offices and shops.

In our effort to help you find the most suitable house foe you at a price that suits you best, we have produced typical plans with their cost, both with a concrete skeleton and a metallic prefabricated with a galvanized skeleton, for you to get an idea on the cost of the construction. Additionally, for more convenience, you can provide us with the details of the house you dream of or have decided upon and we will send you a costing analysis, free of charge.

Before any work commences, all queries are solved and final decisions are made so that the construction of the house proceeds with no delays. You can see the whole procedure of the construction of a house by following 7 simple steps (stages).

Here at Ktizo Kypros we understand that building a house for a family is a great commitment and we want to assure you that you are on the right track and at the right place. Come to us and we Ktizo Kypros will help you make the right decisions for the construction of your family’s house.

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Prefabricated metal houses
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