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coloured golf balls

coloured golf balls

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T golf is an enjoyment of the natural, pleasant physical and mental, experience the fun in one of the elegant movement, the music is one of the most beautiful, But also very much attention to the etiquette of high-end movement, especially in the dress is elegant. In the traditional concept of people, bright fashion polo shirt and hat, cool sunglasses, excellent carbon iron club is the standard on the golf course, in fact, a plate is not a synonym for golf, dressed in polo shirt is not golf Standard, who said golf will behave, high-end sports can also play a trendy fun, play fashion tricks! May 13, Kunming Wanda Golf Club captain of the tournament - cum-Variety Golf big coffee show kicked off, 30 well-known team gathered in Kunming Golf Club, pay tribute to golf, staged a Variety Golf feast. The event is the golf industry quite fashion sense and fun of the event, so that love the ball family is very excited, but also let everyone refreshing. Have to say that the link is a spectacular change of the link! More than 30 teams instantly change clothes, dressed in Chinese clothing debut! Men put on a British atmosphere of the grid Scottish skirt, British gas force to the ladies are wearing vest bow tie, do not have some fun. The original golf can also be so fashionable? The The middle of the two crush you really is the best CP! Say the left side of the crush, you do not want to domineering! Activities on the same day, the Yunnan golf team, happy golf team,

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kelii golf ball company, we are manufacturer of the golf ball and golf club. We have the capacity to manufacture over 12,00,000 dozen golf balls per year and we sell our golf ball to all over the world. with our best quality and competitive price we get many customer from Europe and North American customer

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coloured golf balls
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