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where to buy cheap golf balls

where to buy cheap golf balls

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At that time the government that China's water resources is facing a serious situation, water shortages, water pollution, water ecological environment deterioration and so on So that some measures should be taken to solve the problem, and three red lines were set up: the total amount of water used, the water efficiency and the pollutant discharge. The total water and water efficiency I have explained that the golf industry is The problem, and the pollution of emissions, the golf industry is also no problem.I have several years to Beijing, several golf course inspection, inspection, the fact that their pollutant emissions are in line with national standards, so from the three red line In view of the golf industry is to follow the national policy, so this industry development should not be subject to water resources tax reform restrictions. "Compiled language in the water resources tax reform policy, the Hebei Province, the stadium to take more Measures to improve water use efficiency, and achieved good results. However, from the court managers and experts to reflect the views can be seen, the existing golf industry for the development of water resources tax standards are obvious unreasonable. On the other hand, the golf course irrigation efficiency is higher, more water-saving level of the fact that has not been recognized by the public. Water resources Qingli tax, is a kind of serious work with a legislative nature, should be realistic, objective and rational development of golf industry water resources tax burden.

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kelii golf ball company, we are manufacturer of the golf ball and golf club. We have the capacity to manufacture over 12,00,000 dozen golf balls per year and we sell our golf ball to all over the world. with our best quality and competitive price we get many customer from Europe and North American customer

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where to buy cheap golf balls
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