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Etna Basalt Stone Factory Export

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Fratelli Lizzio s.r.l. is a Etna lava stone industry, is a well-established professional company nationally and internationally.
We can develop and create projects and products of the very highest quality using and working Etna lava stone in the best way possible.
Situated in Italy we extract the raw material directly from our lava quarry under strict safety conditions and with a high regard for the environment.
The following is a list of all of our products and work carried out: flooring in lava stone, town and street decoration, basalt (stone) roads, kerbing, paving and sidewalks in lava basalt, town squares in lava stone, nautical furbishing in lava stone both for commercial and tourist ports, yacht furnishing, raised flooring, banks, airports, design of public area, construction, ventilated building façades, ceramic lava stone, glazed and decorated classic and design interiors, and bathroom furnishing etc.
Also we are going to present our products and projects and I would you like to invite you and your company to visit us in our Factory, in Italy.
We produce daily some Standard products, just to give you an Idea, but I would like to inform you that we can realize all complete products that you need.
Also I would like to inform that when is needed, under request, we can present our Etna Basalt CE Certificate regarding chemical, physical and mechanical characteristics of our basalt.

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Etna Basalt Stone Factory ExportEtna Basalt Stone Factory ExportEtna Basalt Stone Factory ExportEtna Basalt Stone Factory Export
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