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pump Head Rotor 096400-1441 for toyota  fuel injection parts

pump Head Rotor 096400-1441 for toyota fuel injection parts

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To Diesel Engine regulate the flow of diesel fuel to the ultimate ignition compartment
To convert the diesel into the diesel vapors and spray Into the piston
Specialty Help efficient functioning of dieselfuel injection systems
Made from world class and industrial grade materialsUnique construction design
Durable and easy to install
Low Emission(IV standard) and Low Maintenance

Now this brand is recognized to be one of the most trusted and reputed brand fuel injection parts.We have built business relationship with many brand manufacturers overseas and become their reliable long-term suppliers (OEM).

If you are looking for quality suppiers or exporters,we will be you best choic!
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VE pump Head Rotor
VE HEAD NO. | Specification | Engine model
096400-0143 4/9R ISUZU 4FE1
096400-0232 4/10R MITSUBISHI 4D5T
096400-0242 4/9R TOYOTA 2C
096400-0262 4/12R KOMATSU 4D95L
096400-0371 4/10R TOYOTA 2L
096400-0432 4/12R TOYOTA 1Z
096400-1000 4/10R
096400-1030 4/9R MITSUBISHI 4D6
096400-1060 4/9R TOYOTA 3B (1090)
096400-1090 4/9R TOYOTA 1DZ
096400-1160 4/10R
096400-1210 6/12R TOYOTA 11Z 13Z
096400-1220 4/12R KOMATSU 4D95S
096400-1230 4/12R TOYOTA 1Z
096400-1240 4/12R TOYOTA 14B D850
096400-1250 4/10R TOYOTA 3L
096400-1270 4/10R TOYOTA 2C-T
096400-1300 4/10R TOYOTA 1DZ
096400-1320 6/12R TOYOTA 1HD-T
096400-1330 6/10R TOYOTA 1HZ
096400-1390 4/10R
096400-1441 4/12R TOYOTA 1KZ
096400-1480 4/10R
096400-1500 6/10R TOYOTA 1HZ
096400-1580 4/12R
096400-1590 4/10R
096400-1600 4/11L ISUZU 4JB1
096400-1610 4/10L
096400-1670 6/12R
096400-1680 3/9R TOYOTA 3B
096400-1690 4/12R TOYOTA 2Z
096400-1700 6/12R
096400-1730 4/10R 8F 1DZ NISSAN
096400-1740 4/10R
096400-1770 4/10R
096400-1800 6/12R
096400-1860 4/12R
096400-1890 4/10R
096400-1950 4/11R NISSAN

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pump Head Rotor 096400-1441 for toyota  fuel injection partspump Head Rotor 096400-1441 for toyota  fuel injection parts
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