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Brasil Sugar ICUMSA 45 20+ Mills

Brasil Sugar ICUMSA 45 20+ Mills

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We are a mill approved direct agent representing a consortium of Brazilian and Colombian sugar mills. We have Ministry of Agriculture membership and government backing.

Sugarex Brazil is a reliable and trusted supply partner offering trading services worldwide.

We subscribe to key trading factors from the start of a contract until the product reaches it’s destination.

Our company is focused on sourcing and supply of ICUMSA 45 (inquire for other types) Sugar from Brazil, Colombia and Thailand.

Srimungkeaw Agriculture our parent company has a combined 30+ years management, marketing and trading experience in Asia.

We have direct experience in handling shipping and understand solutions for goods handling from exit port to destination port.

We source and supply to major customers in the USA, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Ph: +64212789275,
Skype contact: sugarexbrazil,
Offices in Brazil, Colombia, London, Hong Kong, Thailand

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Brasil Sugar ICUMSA 45 20+ Mills
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