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Lepin 16003 687pcs Idea Robot WALL E Building Set

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Shantou (China, Guandong) - Anping County (China, Bohai Bay)Shantou (China, Guandong) - Anhui (China, close Shanghai)

Features a posable neck, adjustable head, highly movable arms, gripping hands, opening trunk and rolling tracks
Also includes the last-plant-on-Earth
Build an authentic replica of the lovable robot in bricks!
Great for display and role play
Tilt the neck and adjust the head
Move the arms up and down and side to side
Hold the plant with WALL•E’s gripping hands
Open and close the trunk
The perfect gift for WALL•E fans of all ages!

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Lepin 16003 687pcs Idea Robot WALL E Building Set
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