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Bandar Electronic Surabaya

Bandar Electronic Surabaya

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Surabaya (Indonesia) - Andean Community (American blocs)Surabaya (Indonesia) - World 4.0 (All countries)
Surabaya (Indonesia) - Bogota (Colombia)Surabaya (Indonesia) - Industry 4.0 (China - Africa)
Surabaya (Indonesia) - ASEAN (Asian blocs)Surabaya (Indonesia) - Tel Aviv (Israel)
Surabaya (Indonesia) - Anping County (China, Bohai Bay)Surabaya (Indonesia) - Mexico city (Mexico)
Surabaya (Indonesia) - Miami (USA, East Coast)Surabaya (Indonesia) - Singapore City (Singapore)
Surabaya (Indonesia) - New Delhi (India)Surabaya (Indonesia) - San Jose (Costa Rica)
Surabaya (Indonesia) - Agro business 4.0 (Intertwoven Economy)Surabaya (Indonesia) - Montevideo (Uruguay)
Surabaya (Indonesia) - CEFTA (European blocs)Surabaya (Indonesia) - Madrid (Spain)
Surabaya (Indonesia) - Africa 4.0 (Continents)Surabaya (Indonesia) - Havana (Cuba)
Surabaya (Indonesia) - casablanca (Morocco)Surabaya (Indonesia) - GCC (Arabian blocs)
Surabaya (Indonesia) - Manila (Philippines)Surabaya (Indonesia) - Homemade (Energy ad hoc)
Surabaya (Indonesia) - EAC (African blocs)Surabaya (Indonesia) - Shenzhen (China, Guandong)

Bandar Electronic has been established from 2010 and to this day we continue to grow.
We're one of the largest distributors in Indonesia to provide Graphics Printing, Cutting Plotters, Large Format Solvent Printer,Photocopiers,Facsimile,Scaners,Laminator,Ink Printer,Print head,Bitcoin Miners and Copy Paper products.
since 2010 we have been working closely with several well-known brands such as Epson, Mimaki, Roland, Hp and many more.
they entrust our stores as a spearhead to market their products throughout the world.

Our shop Bandar Electronic has a good network to the warehouse as a provider of printing his spare goods.
Our directly from its spare parts manufacturing plant, and therefore we can sell at wholesale prices and a slightly cheaper price.
and until today we have had thousands of customers in Indonesia.
so we continue to develop and explore the international world to market the product that we sell, so it could be easier for each store that specialized in printing.
hopefully with his existing online sales our wesite we can meet all your needs in the field of printing. and we always look forward to continuing to meet the amount of your order. and always ready stock for each of its product.

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Bandar Electronic Surabaya
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