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DN15 AC230V NSF61 hot sale small Electric Water Valve

DN15 AC230V NSF61 hot sale small Electric Water Valve

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DN15 AC230V NSF61 hot sale small Electric Water Valve
Size NPT1/2'', NPT 1'' (Opitonal)
Material Brass
Fields of applications Water
Maximum working pressure 1.0MPa
Rated Voltage AC110V-230V
Packaging Standard export package or Customized
Payment L/C,D/P,T/T
Delivery Ningbo Port,3-20 days after payment

Water meter , water leak detection system and water treatment etc equipment
HAV and fire works. Automatic drain system
Irrigation ect small control equipment

About the company

electric valve, motorized valve

Activity: Tonhe focus on electronic valve(1/2'' - 2''), which are approved CE certification, SS valve approved

TaizhouTonhe flow control equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of electric control valves, We pay high attention to the quality control and new products R&D. Specialized in motorized valves, electric fluid control valves, electric actuator, with intelligent design, manufacture, sales and technical service. Our main products are Tonhe series straight-through motorized valve, Has compact size with smart shape, Perform reliably, with long life time, intelligent control, high torque actuators, low noise, no leak, and many other features. They are widely used in automatic water pump tanks, automatic watering, heat meter, central air conditioning fan coil, fire sprinkler, water treatment, water efficiency, solar instrument, Agriculture Irrigation equipment, industrial automatic control equipment, and so on. All along, the research unit, institute strong support and concerted efforts of all colleagues, continually improved products, innovation, and a number of products for thentility model patents, and we will always maintain the idea that the pursuit of perfection to develop more products for the world to intelligent control fluid. Mechanized production lines in operation, to secure stability and excellent product quality to meet customer requirements. Personnel training, stability, is an important strategy of company’ growth and development, we take the talent as our company greatest wealth. Talent is the fundamental driving force of enterprise development, enterprise is also the cradle of talent, In order to make personal pursuit and enterprise development to be harmonious , we establish long term cooperation with the School of Continuing Education of Tsinghua University, Taiwan Jian-feng MBA Group, and other Group, Every year, we select a number of staff to go to training, learning, in order to achieve growth of employees and enterprise together. We will uphold the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle, to establish a positive corporate image, enhance corporate cohesion, with a view to alliance with the community to reach a long-term cooperative relations of mutual trust and seeking common development, create brilliant.

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DN15 AC230V NSF61 hot sale small Electric Water ValveDN15 AC230V NSF61 hot sale small Electric Water ValveDN15 AC230V NSF61 hot sale small Electric Water ValveDN15 AC230V NSF61 hot sale small Electric Water ValveDN15 AC230V NSF61 hot sale small Electric Water ValveDN15 AC230V NSF61 hot sale small Electric Water Valve
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