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Washing Machine Shaft manufactured by Ningbo Luteng

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Ningbo Luteng is a professional manufacturer of CNC machined parts, our product range includes pistons , transmission shaft, pressure washer parts ,washing machine parts & auto parts.

Pistons for hydraulic piston pump is one of our main products, supplied customers throughout asia and europe. With 100+ CNC lathe and twins lathe, luteng is able to make various kind of pistons required by customer and catch up the order date. Welcome you to contact us.

Transmission shaft, output shaft are just parts of various kind of shaft produced by Ningbo Luteng, a leading precision parts manufacturing company from China. Equiped with 120+ CNC lathe and CNC center, luteng are able to offer you a total solution to meet outsource requirement for global customers.

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Washing Machine Shaft manufactured by Ningbo Luteng
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