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Help Market Your Products & Brands on a Chinese Website

Help Market Your Products & Brands on a Chinese Website

2507 Floor 25, Building 2, 99-1, Jingsan Rd., Zhengzhou, China – Zhengzhou – China, Rest (+86) 0371-65715592 65715593Facebook
Food > AGRO: legumes, cereals, coffee, tea, sugar, spices. locals...APPS
Food > Food, juices, milk, eggs, oil ,bread, desserts, sauces, APPS
Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin.
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Tokyo (Japan) - Dongguan (China, Guandong)Tokyo (Japan) - Macau (Macau)
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Tokyo (Japan) - Vientiane (Laos)Tokyo (Japan) - Anshan (China, Bohai Bay)
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Tokyo (Japan) - Phnom Penh (Cambodia)Tokyo (Japan) - Anyang (China, Rest)
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Tokyo (Japan) - Anshun (China, South)

We are doing cross border e-commerce business in China.

We can help you market and sell your products through our online platform

We offer Value-added Marketing Services, including:

1. will help create a Chinese website for global suppliers, such as to market products and brands in Chinese market.
2. Global suppliers can register on the website to update their company information including introduction, products description, company news, contact informtion, etc.
3. will help global suppliers to do online marketing via social networks, search engines (for example, and affiliate marketing in China.
4. will help market brands, organize business meeting, negotiate bushiness cooperation and build friendly government relations.

Note: All information uploaded by suppliers shall be legal and authentic.

Contact information:


QQ: 961278758
Skype: mychris89
Tel.: (+86) 0371-65715592 65715593
Fax: (+86) 0371-65715592-602

China Sinx Group (HK) Co. Ltd.
China Henan Xinxiang Keji Co., Ltd. (Marketing Center)
2507 Floor 25, Building 2, 99-1, Jingsan Rd., Zhengzhou, China

About the company

We help you market your products in China

Activity: B2B Platform for Marketing

ChinaInOut ( is a world leading website providing import & export service. Attached to China Sinx Group (HK) Co. Ltd., it is a new type e-business service platform, providing world outstanding enterprises with e-commerce and marketing consultation service. Based in Zhengzhou-one of the first five cross-border e-commerce trade pilot city, our company is able to offer high-level services for world companies because of our location, a logistics hub with the perfect integration of railway, highway and aviation. aims at building a comprehensive and high efficient service platform for the global import and export enterprises. Together with, we are ready to provide brand promotion services, supply and demand information services as well as business expanding service so as to improve the sales of our clients. is to help global enterprises enter or expand Chinese market to improve their world popularity and competitive force. Meanwhile, hopes to attract a number of high-quality products and services from overseas to meet various demand of Chinese domestic consumers and also make great contributions to Chinese import & export trade as well as the development of world economy.

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Help Market Your Products & Brands on a Chinese Website
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