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GRAPE POMACES: Blend of various varieties of Valle di Cembra
DISTILLATION: Pot stills steam
AGING: in oak barrels for minimum 24 months
ALCOHOL: 43,00%
DESCRIPTION: 1888 Faver. Cilien was born, a man of forbidden charm, that after the First World War becomes a true pioneer in the clandestine art of that time, the distillation. The most imaginative tales of his life are still alive in defiance of the gendarmerie.
This grappa has been aged for over two years in wooden barrels. It has a brilliant golden yellow color; the bouquet of perfumes and aromas at the nose are the one of a typical fragrant brandy combined with resinous notes. The palate is clean, leaving a soft and fragrant aftertaste, that’s also sweet and persistent.

Trentino grappa
Aged for 24 months
in small wooden barrels.

About the company

The distillery Paolazzi Vittorio

Activity: Craft production of Grappa, Bitters and Liqueurs

The distillery Paolazzi Vittorio was founded in 1962 in Faver in Cembra Valley to continue the family tradition of “lambicar”, today carried on by the son Martino. After the First World War, the distillation of pomace had become illegal and performed in Cembra clandestinely: it was a risky operation that allowed, however, the survival of a very hard and poor peasant economy. It’s for this reason that the dialect term “lambicar” takes on the double meaning that is “Art to produce grappa (distilled)” and “lead a life of hardship and toils in poor rural reality.”

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