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Dropssol Ltd.

Dropssol Ltd.

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Food > Food, juices, milk, eggs, oil ,bread, desserts, sauces, APPS
Food > AGRO: legumes, cereals, coffee, tea, sugar, spices. locals...APPS

Dropssol Ltd, specializes in the promotion and exportation of high quality European alimentary products into Asian markets. Our services include Promotion, Consulting and Networking for F&B related products.

Dropssol Ltd, is a European rooted company, based in Hong Kong. It is founded and operated as a collaboration of Greek and Spanish experts with an international network of trusted providers that have the experience and capacity to help you locate, acquire, promote and distribute the F&B products of your interest.

With tight and secured business relationships in Spain, Greece and Hong Kong, Dropssol can help you meet your needs in both continents. Our experience and creativity can help you generate and promote your business idea.

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Dropssol Ltd.Dropssol Ltd.Dropssol Ltd.
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