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BAUMULLER BUH2-90/90-34-101-00  3.8638AA

BAUMULLER BUH2-90/90-34-101-00 3.8638AA

32D Guomao Building , No.388 , Hubin south Road , Siming district , Xiamen , Fujian,China – Wuhu – China, close Shanghai18020776786Facebook
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Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Commonwealth (Economic Blocs)Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Manila (Philippines)
Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - EAC (African blocs)Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Singapore City (Singapore)
Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Madrid (Spain)Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - New Delhi (India)
Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Montevideo (Uruguay)Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Industry 4.0 (China - Africa)
Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Tel Aviv (Israel)Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - GCC (Arabian blocs)
Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Homemade (Energy ad hoc)Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - casablanca (Morocco)
Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Bogota (Colombia)Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - CEFTA (European blocs)
Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Belt and Road 4.0 (Coordinated Routes)Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Miami (USA, East Coast)
Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Air (Coordinated transport)Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - ASEAN (Asian blocs)
Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Shenzhen (China, Guandong)Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Havana (Cuba)
Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - World 4.0 (All countries)Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Mexico city (Mexico)
Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Africa 4.0 (Continents)Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Andean Community (American blocs)
Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - Anping County (China, Bohai Bay)Wuhu (China, close Shanghai) - San Jose (Costa Rica)

Contact :Sandy Lin
Mob/Whatsapp :+ 86 18020776786
Skype: onlywnn_1
Wechat : mooreplc
website :
1.What is your MOQ?
We could provide you very small MOQ for each item.

2..Do you test all your goods before delivery?
Yes, the factory will strictly test all the goods before shipment, and the 
warehouse staff will also check the integrity of the product packaging 
when it is shipped. If the damaged product is not sent to you. 
If there are special circumstances, you will be notified in advance of the goods.

3.What about your shipping package?
Most of our products is ship with original factory new package, 
we will cover our our professional foam protective packaging 
to keep worldwide shipping no damaged.

4.Can you tell me the transportation mode of  delivery?
We use DHL,FEDEX,TNT,UPS,EMS to delivery goods. 
If you have the shipping account, pls contact us directly and we will ship as your requirement.

5.How is the quality of your products? How long is the warranty period?
We guarantee that the products provided are original products of ,
 and the warranty period of all products is 12 months
Contact :Sandy Lin
Mob/Whatsapp :+ 86 18020776786
Skype: onlywnn_1
Wechat : mooreplc
website :
Company infomation
Moore Automation is always committed to excellence in corporate philosophy,
whether it is control system components, services, or delivery efficiency,
we are committed to doing better.
Main Brands
Allen-Bradley   (1746,1747,1756,1769,1794,2711P..) 
Triconex Invensys   (3008,3664,3805E.3704E,3700A 4351B...)
YOKOGAWA   (CP345,CP451-10,AMM12C,AAI141-S00...)
ABB   (07KT98 WT98,07KT97 WT97,DSQC679,IMASI23,IMDSO14...)
Ovation   (1C31194G01,1C31197G01,5X00106G01,1C31125G02...)
Bently Nevada   (3500/42M ,3500/22M,3500/95.3500/15...)
Hima   (F3330,F3236,F6217,F7126,F8621A....)
FOXBORO   (FCP270,FBM203,FBM204,FBM217,FMB231...)
GE   (IC693,IC697,IC695,IS200,IS215,DS200...) 
BACHMANN   (MPC240,CM202,DI232,MPC240,NT255,AIO288...)
Contact :Sandy Lin
Mob/Whatsapp :+ 86 18020776786
Skype: onlywnn_1
Wechat : mooreplc
website :

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BAUMULLER BUH2-90/90-34-101-00  3.8638AA
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